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Chairman / Director of R&D

George Huang stands as an eminent figure in the realm of lighting innovation and design, holding the esteemed positions of Chairman and Director of Research and Development at Pariah Lighting. With a prolific career that spans three decades, George has consistently pushed the boundaries of lighting possibilities, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Commencing his journey as an Associate Lighting Designer at PLD (now Visual Terrain), George contributed to creating iconic landmarks such as Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure and the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. His dedication and expertise paved the way for him to ascend to the role of Lead Lighting Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the luminous narratives of Disney California Adventure Park and Disney Studios Paris.

Post his tenure at Disney, George's luminary path led him to Gallegos Lighting Design, where he lent his brilliance to heralded projects, including multiple LEGOLAND parks, Warner Brothers theme parks, the enchanting Argosy Casino in Kansas City, and the illustrious Cerritos Millennium Library. Possessing a unique blend of management prowess, design acumen, and creativity finesse, George remains resolute in his pursuit of transforming spaces through the art of light.

From November 2005 to November 2013, George's remarkable tenure with Steelman Partners witnessed him crafting illuminating narratives for prestigious casino, hospitality, and entertainment projects worldwide. As a Senior Lighting Designer, his impact resonated through celebrated destinations, including The Casino at the Empire Leicester Square in London, the Venetian Four Seasons Macau, StripSteak at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, and the engaging retail spaces of Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

George's influence extended beyond lighting as he founded Battle Arms Development in 2009, a venture centered on pioneering firearm design, development, and manufacturing. His innate entrepreneurial spirit led this endeavor to unparalleled heights, amassing a staggering portfolio of over 55+ granted utility and design patents and 20+ pending. Celebrating its 14th year in 2023, Battle Arms Development has established itself as one of the premier small arms manufacturers in the world.

In a masterful display of convergence, George co-founded Pariah Lighting in 2023 alongside his longtime friend Samuel J Samson, a well-known leader in LED lighting sales, heralding a full-circle return to his lighting roots. At Pariah Lighting, the duo orchestrates the production and distribution top-tier solid-state LED lighting solutions, reflecting George's enduring commitment to groundbreaking designs and exceptional client service.

Beyond his accomplishments, George is recognized for his erudition and achievements in the field. A Lighting Certified (LC) professional by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), a distinguished member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNA), and an Associate Member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), George's credentials underscore his expertise. His invaluable contributions also encompass serving on the Board of Managers of the IES Las Vegas Chapter and an extensive tenure as an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Architecture, teaching interior lighting design for 11 years.

George Huang's legacy is one of multifaceted brilliance—an innovative lighting designer, engineering virtuoso, visionary entrepreneur, and dedicated educator. His journey, marked by relentless dedication and a fervor for pushing boundaries, embodies a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of talents that continue to illuminate the world.


C.E.O / President

Samuel J. Samson, CEO of Pariah Lighting, is a dynamic professional with a proven track record in the lighting industry. From his early start at Lightning Distribution Ltd. in London, UK, where he immersed himself in lighting and electrical supply sales, to his dedicated service in the military, Samuel's journey reflects a fusion of diverse experiences that have shaped his outstanding capabilities.

Samuel's journey began at the age of 14 at Lightning Distribution Ltd., a family business, where he quickly developed a knack for sales and customer service. During this time, he honed his skills and gained a foundation in the industry that would serve as a solid stepping stone for his future endeavors.

Transitioning from sales to service, Samuel embarked on a remarkable chapter with the 47th Regiment Royal Artillery 21st Air Assault Battery in the United Kingdom. Through two tours in Afghanistan, a NATO Peace Keeping mission, and a 16th Air Assault Brigade Combat Deployment, he cultivated traits of discipline, problem-solving, grit, and team building. His experience with the Provisional Reconstruction Team (PRT) highlighted his commitment to fostering positive change in challenging environments.

In 2007, Samuel lent his expertise to MODA LIGHT in Cape Coral, Florida, playing a pivotal role in the company's formative years. He engaged in various roles, from warehouse operations to customer service, inside sales, and outside sales, showcasing his adaptability and willingness to immerse himself in all facets of the family business.

Building upon his earlier successes, Samuel elevated MODA LIGHT to new heights upon relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2009. Holding positions as National Sales Manager and COO, he masterminded the expansion of the company's sales from six figures to an impressive eight figures. Samuel orchestrated this growth through a robust network of 87 independent agencies across North and Central America and 63 distributors internationally.

In 2023, Samuel co-founded PARIAH LIGHTING, with his longtime friend and respected Lighting Designer, George Huang, MIES, Associate IALD.  They started an ambitious venture based in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently serves as the CEO. Armed with his wealth of experience, Samuel is at the forefront of driving innovation and excellence in the lighting industry. His unique blend of sales prowess, customer service acumen, and a consistent track record of delivering eight-figure sales numbers sets him apart as a luminary in the field.

Samuel J. Samson's journey is one of resilience, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making him a driving force in the world of lighting and beyond.


Chief Operating Officer


Marketing Director

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